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Batch control by Expiry date or Consume by

Regardless if the product is paint, glue, canned tomatoes, orange juice or shampoo all these products have a shelf life. Depending if the product is quality or safety focused, the life may be managed by expiry or consumed by date. ProcessForce batch management functions, supports both life control methods to provide enterprises the flexibility to […]

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Meeting Standards with Batch Numbering Formats

To ensure batch numbers are correctly formatted to meet regulatory  or company standards, ProcessForce provides a flexible but easy to use batch and serial number template to generate the required numbering format. This template is used across all SAP Business One and ProcessForce processes, when performing inventory transactions for example Goods Receipt Purchase Order and Goods Receipt Production […]

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Batch Control – Increasing Profits and reducing Inventory obsolescence

How often when a product was planned to be sold or used in production to only find the batch was near its expiry date or had actually expired?. The result, creating an inventory stock-out, a potential customer lost order, lost revenue and profits, including an obsolete inventory write-off. Between a combination of defining a warning period prior […]

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Do you know what you’re eating?

With the aid of ingredient and nutritional labeling on food stuffs, we can now get a better understand of what is in our food and how much we are consuming. Creating the declaration for the label is simple, but to start of with, you need the base data. ProcessForce Ingredients solution, integrated with product master […]

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Nutrient labeling – DV and %DV?

What is DV or %DV?.  DV or Daily Value represents the daily intake level of a nutrient that is considered to be the amount required for a healthy individual. With respect to food labeling %DV or %Daily Valve allows individuals to determine how much of their DV is present within a serving size, to make […]

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Allergens and the Food we eat

It is estimated that, approximately 2 percent of adults and about 5 percent of infants and young children in the United States suffer from food allergies; and each year, roughly 30,000 individuals require emergency room treatment and 150 individuals die because of allergic reactions to food. Eight major foods or food groups–milk, eggs, fish, crustacean […]

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