Batch Traceability 360

With great pleasure, today we’d like to announce our new plugin for CompuTec ProcessForce – Batch Traceability 360. The plugin uses CompuTec AppEngine to connect to the SAP Business One database and then provides you with an incredibly comprehensive summary of pretty much every kind of batch related data that you can imagine. This is […]

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360 Traceability a game changer for regulated customers

With the introduction of 360 Traceability , this SAP HANA based solution will take the traceability topic to another level. This video takes you on a journey and illustrates how the solution changes the manner in which businesses consume data , provide insight to action to improve the business efficiency.

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ProcessForce creates 360 Traceability SAP HANA app

If you’re part of a regulated industry supply chain whether it’s pharmaceutical, chemicals or food, traceability is a necessary evil. Governing bodies and codes of practice regulate the industry to ensure standards are implemented for consumers, examples include FDA’s Code of Federal Regulations Title 21 (CFR) and Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMPs) , FDA Food […]

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Top 10 batch traceability questions?

With increased levels of globalization and extended supply chains, and ever increasing regulatory pressures batch traceability is paramount. But just saying “Batch Traceability” sounds really easy, but in reality it’s a complex multi-dimension business issue, which touches all parts of the enterprise, and for regulated industries such as Food and Beverage and Chemicals batch trace […]

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Batch Traceability – Looking for a needle in a haystack

We all hear the term Big Data and its loose definition of large volumes of data, and its related problems with data capture, storage, search, analysis and visualization to name but a few. But depending on the industry, product, customer and user, Big Data problems tend to be specific to you! If you produce products […]

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