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Food and Beverage marketing kit now available in SAP Virtual Agency!

Industry related marketing makes you stand out in the crowd, by illustrating your domain expertise and relating to the customer, thus giving a competitive edge.   With great support from the SAP Business One global marketing team we have pulled together a full marketing pack for the Food and Beverage industry, to support our partners […]

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How do Good Manufacturing Practices and ERP work together?

Within the Food and Beverage industry, a common voiced concern is audits and regulatory compliance, and across the industry there are many standards, such as Safe Quality Food (SQF), British Retail Consortium (BRC) and others which are HACCP based food safety and quality management systems   Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Hazard Analysis and Critical […]

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Scheduling Allergen optimisation while improving on-time customer deliveries

Improving on-time customer deliveries, creates happier customers and ultimately improves cash flow. Therefore, when moving production orders to take in account changes to the planned schedule, it’s paramount to have the visibility if the changes will negatively impact the customers required delivery date.   But as a Food and Beverage manufacturer it’s not just a […]

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As a Food and Beverage company, does the FDA and BRC influence your Top 10 ERP manufacturing requirements?

As a result of greater reported health incidents due to poor labeling, cross contamination and false ingredient declaration across the global supply chain has led to increasing regulation. For example the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), with respect to Foreign Supplier Verification Programs for imports, the setting of a minimum recall standard of 4 hours […]

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Its all about the Fat

Within in our daily diet we should be aware of the amount of fat we are eating, both good and bad. But for the Dairy industry, fat is good and the more they get, the higher production yields of products such as cream and cheese will occur. As a consequence of making cheese, cream is […]

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Fat Content, Strength and Potency

Across many process manufacturing industries such as life sciences , food and beverage and chemicals, active ingredients form part of the recipe or formulation, for example in the dairy industry it will be the fat content of the milk, in chemicals the strength of the acid, while in life sciences the potency of the active […]

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The Complexities of Expiry Date Control

In a previous blog post we talked about yield and how this can be different from company to company and product to product, and for expiry date management this is very similar. The life of a product or an ingredient can vary greatly, for example making a frozen ready meal or a sterilized sauce the […]

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How to manage yield?

Yield is a very common requirement across many process and semi-process manufacturing industries and on the surface it looks very simple, but how enterprises manage yield varies considerably depending on the raw materials being consumed, the product or products being produced, and the production process. Some enterprises plan for yield to increase the amount of […]

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Partner Spotlight – Consultare

Headquartered in Miami, FL, and with offices in Buenos Aries, Argentina, Consultare is an SAP Business One partner with extensive knowledge and experience in the implementation of business systems to help companies become more efficient. Consultare implements industry solutions from worldwide renowned Gold SAP Partners, such as CompuTec and have proven success within the food […]

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Mexican foods ingredients specialist to implement SAP Business One and ProcessForce

PaniPlus, a manufacturer and distributor of ingredients for the food industry, has selected SAP Business One and ProcessForce. With a focus of producing ingredient solutions for the baking and tortilla industry, also offers products for a number of other food related industries such as dairy, beverage, confectionary, jams and sauces. “We have worked with […]

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