CompuTec ProcessForce 10.0 R10/ 9.3.PL14 R6

The latest release of CompuTec ProcessForce (versions 10.0 R10 and 93.PL14 R6) includes a few nice little enhancements, particularly related to the Bill of Materials and Manufacturing Order forms. Quality Control Tests from Manufacturing Orders There has been the possibility of creating Quality Control Tests for final goods from Manufacturing Orders in CompuTec ProcessForce for […]

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Batch Traceability 360 update: Quality Control

Fans of our Batch Traceability 360 plugin will be pleased to learn that we’ve given it a bit of an update. We concentrated mainly on improving things “behind the scenes” to enhance performance, so you should see the latest version of the plugin running a bit faster and more smoothly than previously. However, that’s not […]

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Cloud vs. On-premises. An SAP Business One dilemma.

Early on in their digital transformation journey, most potential SAP Business One users are faced with the decision of whether to run SAP Business One in the Cloud or On-premises. And although there really isn’t an answer as to which model is “the best”, for most businesses, it shouldn’t be all that difficult to ascertain […]

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Manufacturing Order 360

Our newest CompuTec AppEngine plugin – Manufacturing Order 360, offers CompuTec ProcessForce users additional functionality to better manage work in the factory. The Manufacturing Order 360 plugin comprises two main functional areas: the Assignment Board and the Gantt Chart. The Manufacturing Order 360 Assignment Board You can use the Manufacturing Order 360 plugin to assign […]

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Plant Maintenance

Today we are very pleased to announce that our highly anticipated Plant Maintenance functionality has now been released. It is available in CompuTec ProcessForce versions 10.0 R8 and 9.3 PL14 R4 and higher. With this completely new functional area, we hope to help CompuTec ProcessForce users keep their machine park running profitably and efficiently by […]

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New weight scales settings in CompuTec PDC

In the latest versions of Computec PDC, and you will find three new settings intended to help you fine-tune the weighing process. The three new settings are as follows; Weight Measurement Confirmation – marked in gold, Range From Mode – marked in blue, Precision weighing and tolerance logic – marked in red. Their […]

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