Manufacturing Order 360

Our newest CompuTec AppEngine plugin – Manufacturing Order 360, offers CompuTec ProcessForce users additional functionality to better manage work in the factory. The Manufacturing Order 360 plugin comprises two main functional areas: the Assignment Board and the Gantt Chart. The Manufacturing Order 360 Assignment Board You can use the Manufacturing Order 360 plugin to assign […]

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Plant Maintenance

Today we are very pleased to announce that our highly anticipated Plant Maintenance functionality has now been released. It is available in CompuTec ProcessForce versions 10.0 R8 and 9.3 PL14 R4 and higher. With this completely new functional area, we hope to help CompuTec ProcessForce users keep their machine park running profitably and efficiently by […]

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New weight scales settings in CompuTec PDC

In the latest versions of Computec PDC, and you will find three new settings intended to help you fine-tune the weighing process. The three new settings are as follows; Weight Measurement Confirmation – marked in gold, Range From Mode – marked in blue, Precision weighing and tolerance logic – marked in red. Their […]

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CompuTec Gateway

CompuTec Gateway allows you to connect CompuTec solutions to physical devices. Currently, we support two kinds of connections. The first is a connection between CompuTec PDC or CompuTec WMS and industrial weight scales and the second involves connecting printers on another server to CompuTec Labels. This is a “behind the scenes” solution, in that it […]

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Why your WMS should be integrated with your ERP solution

If you are in the market for a new WMS (Warehouse Management System), you’ll already know that there are a lot of options out there and the range of choice can be overwhelming. To help you focus your search, we strongly suggest that you stop looking for a standalone WMS entirely and instead, take a […]

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A power chat with Fobos Invest

Implementation, Automation and COVID-19   2020 has been a year unlike any other and very few businesses have been able to continue on as before through the pandemic. Working from home, stricter hygiene regimes and new working practices, fluctuations in demand, even quickly-introduced new pandemic-oriented product lines are just some of the challenges that many […]

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