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Do you know what you’re eating?

With the aid of ingredient and nutritional labeling on food stuffs, we can now get a better understand of what is in our food and how much we are consuming. Creating the declaration for the label is simple, but to start of with, you need the base data. ProcessForce Ingredients solution, integrated with product master […]

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Nutrient labeling – DV and %DV?

What is DV or %DV?.  DV or Daily Value represents the daily intake level of a nutrient that is considered to be the amount required for a healthy individual. With respect to food labeling %DV or %Daily Valve allows individuals to determine how much of their DV is present within a serving size, to make […]

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Allergens and the Food we eat

It is estimated that, approximately 2 percent of adults and about 5 percent of infants and young children in the United States suffer from food allergies; and each year, roughly 30,000 individuals require emergency room treatment and 150 individuals die because of allergic reactions to food. Eight major foods or food groups–milk, eggs, fish, crustacean […]

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ProcessForce adds Complaint Management Solution

Do your customers, suppliers, and even your internal departments raise complaints, issues and provide feedback? How do you track these today, offline database, post-its, or via Microsoft Excel? With the ProcessForce complaint management solution, this wealth of data can now be captured in a structured manner, analyzed and actioned upon. Creating the foundation for generating internal […]

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Managing Quality as a core ERP activity within ProcessForce

With ever increasing levels of globalization, extended supply chains and outsourcing, within regulated environments, integrated quality control solutions within an enterprise’s ERP landscape play an even more important role for today’s process orientated manufacturers. ProcessForce quality control solution, is an easy to use, but flexible addition to the application, providing the tools and  necessary processes to manage […]

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Rubber & Plastic SME Selects ProcessForce

KAPlast ltd – located in Bydgoszcz, Poland has chosen to implement SAP Business One combined with the ProcessForce manufacturing solution. KAPlast provides a full service offering within the injection molding marketplace, producing plastic parts for the toy and automotive industries within the German and Polish markets.Of the various ERP solutions KAPlast reviewed, SAP Business One […]

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